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Green Building

Hodge Construction understands that in today's society urban sprawl has become more prevalent in order to accomodate the ever growing population of our cities and towns.  Although this growth to the rural areas of our communities has been welcomed by builders and developers across the country, it has also created the need for more attention to how we build these homes. What we build directly affects, not only our immediate needs for energy efficiency, but also those who follow us into the future.


It is for this reason that Hodge Construction has decided to make a commitment to our children to leave this planet in better shape than we found it.  Although our part in the whole scheme of things is minimal, we must start somewhere.   So when you ask Hodge Construction to build your home, the following are just some of the ways we can work together to help lower your energy costs as well as do our part for the future inhabitants of this wonderful place we call Earth.

Hodge Construction's Green Techniques

  • Geo-thermal
  • High-efficiency condensors
  • Effective design
  • Foundations and slabs
  • Windows and doors
  • Caulking any penetrations
  • Wall and Roof assemblies
  • Insulation
  • Vapor Barriers

1.  Protect the Thermal Envelope by focusing on:

  • Plan deliveries effectively
  • Purchase from local suppliers
  • Limit waste and recycle
  • Keep jobsite clean

3.  Logistics and Planning

2. Heating and Cooling Requirements